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2-5 Nov 2017 - Turkey - 2nd International & 10th National Congress of Turkish Surgical and Operating Room Nurses

2-5 Nov 2017 - Turkey - 2nd International & 10th National Congress of Turkish Surgical and Operating Room Nurses
The 2nd International & 10th National Congress of Turkish Surgical and Operating Room Nurses will be held at Antalya Trendy Lara Hotel between 2 - 5 November 2017. First of all, we would like to share our pleasure in welcoming our esteemed colleagues in Kemer, Antalya.
We are proud and happy to invite you to this congress, which we have set out with the slogan "Let’s protect our health and reduce its risks".
We expect to see all of our colleagues among us in order to share our knowledge and experiences and we present our love and respect with our wishes that we will have one more successful congress all together. So, it would be our great honor if you can give an oral presentation, poster presentation or even just come as an attendee. And please kindly link to http://www.tcahd2017.com for more details about our scientific program.

Sincerely yours,

Ms. Hale Turhan
Congress Secretariat
Email: hale.turhan1986@gmail.com

Belgium - New recommendation for medical devices sterilization process

In this scientific advisory report on public health policy, the Superior Health Council of Belgium sets out good practices for healthcare facilities and central sterilisation services on the sterilisation of medical devices.

They describe the steps that are essential for the «correct» processing of medical devices and for preserving their sterility until the point of use with a view to enhancing quality in healthcare facilities for the benefit of patients.

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News from Sweden

An evidence-based guideline on "Surgical smoke" was produced in 2015 by the Quality Council of the Swedish Operating Room Nurses Association, SEORNA. The guideline highlights the hazards, and recommends protection of the harmful ultrafine particles in the surgical smoke. Also a review of the literature was performed in 2016, and published as an article in the Journal of SEORNA, named “Uppdukat”. It has then been translated into English and named "Operating room nurses work environment due to surgical smoke".

operating_room_nurses_work_environment_due_to_surgical_smoke_1.pdf Operating room nurses work environment due to surgical smoke.pdf  (404.66 KB)

Olivier Willieme

News from Finland

Happy 2016, everyone! Here are some news from Finland and FORNA. I would not like to start with the bad news, but that is how the situation in Finland is at the moment.
Finland is facing some serious financial and economical issues, as many other European countries do. Our new government (that was elected in May 2015) has decided to cut the costs of Finnish social welfare and healthcare by reforming the system. This has actually been in process already for years but nothing has been decided until now. However, the battle is still going on of how to carry out the reform. (If you want to read more, you may find some info under this link: www.alueuudistus.fi/en/frontpage.
EU is giving Finland ”a serious warning” concerning the economics
FORNA organized its annual 2-day national congress in September 2015. The congress was a success, the participants gave a very high grades for the organizing team. This year 2016 the congress will be held in October, and the new team is already working hard to make it a good one, too.
Jaana Perttunen was re-elected to be the president of FORNA for the following 3 year period. She also continues her post as an EORNA representative. FORNA´s other EORNA representative is Simo Toivonen.
FORNA publishes a journal ”Pinsetti” which is issued 4 times a year. Pinsetti supports the professional identity of operating room nurses and and maintains and develops practical skills and expertise.
FORNA´s official website is www.forna.fi. FORNA is also seen on the social media; the association has its Facebook page, which is both a formal and an informal site to keep in touch with the members. The number of members is at the moment approximately 1800.
The association also grants scholarships and stipends for educational purposes or research and developmental projects.

News from Czeck Republic

Country : Czech Republic
Association name : CZORNA
Event name : Congress of perioperative nurses with international attendance
Date and venue of Next National Conference : 10.6.-11.6.2016
Current President name / change : Jaroslava Jedličková
Olivier Willieme

Past-president C. Higgins wants a happy European Perioperative Nurses Day

Past-president C. Higgins wants a happy European Perioperative Nurses Day
Dear all, happy EPND to you all. I would like to extend my personal wishes for a happy and prosperous year to all perioperative nurses and wish EORNA continued success in the future.
Caroline Higgins

UK - News from AfPP (Association for Perioperative Practice)

AfPP continues to provide representation to a number of national working parties looking at the wider issues relating to patient safety and quality.
  • The recent launch of the developed UK National Standards for interventional procedures (NatSSIPs) have a mandate for compliance from NHS England. AfPP were involved at every level on this and continue to contribute to these important initiatives.-The AfPP Standards and Recommendations for best practice are utilised and acknowledged throughout this document.
  • The reviewed AfPP Standards & Recommendations for Safe Perioperative Practice is due for publication in January 2016.
  • Collaboration with the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, (inaugural education event-October 2015) and on-going commitment to work towards consensus and competency standard and education for advanced perioperative roles.
  • We have run a number of well attended study events throughout the UK bringing education and support to membership. All of which have evaluated very positively.
  • Residential Event York 2015 (July 30 to August 2) successfully delivered education and networking opportunities for staff involved in perioperative practice which evaluated well.
  • Please save the date for next years Residential Event which is also planned to be held in York 11-14 August 2016.
  • AfPP endorse -S.I.G.N.S. Safety Initiative Group for National Signage. Paper provided to all board members who attended Glasgow. Aim of this group is to establish a standardised set of graphical symbols for emergency equipment and drugs for use in the perioperative environment within the UK. If EORNA Board felt that they would like to hear from this group, we could ask them to present or provide additional information. This is a UK innovative and transferrable patient safety initiative.
  • AfPP Membership numbers continue to increase, the provision of personal indemnity insurance and the requirement for nursing to provide revalidation to the regulator NMC may be assisting this increase.
  • EORNA Representatives / changes : Adrian Jones Vice President AfPP replaces Sue Lord
  • Activities : AfPP-Residential Event 2016 on 11-14 August 2016

News from Israel

Country : Israel
Association name : IPNA
Event name : new technologies and new surgeries an education meeting for OR nurses
Date and venue of Next National Conference : September 2016
Website address to create link from www.eorna.eu to your conference main page : www.ipnaor.coi.co.il
Current President name / change : Yael Edry

News : IPNA celebrate 26 years anniversary

Last May we had election for officers: Yael Edry elected to presidency, Ahuva Friedman and Michael Elin for Vice president.

Last September we had our national conference: "The hand over during the perioperative procedure" ; 300 delegates participated.

In November the 4th we have education meeting for OR nurses about new surgery procedures and new technologies collaboration between J&J and IPNA.

We attending to celebrate the EPND in February 2016 in a huge event , for OR nurses from all over the country.

This year we attending to update guidelines and position statement, that need to be updated and send your suggestion to the official health administration.

EORNA Representatives / changes : Yael Edry , Michael Elin

WHO Hand Hygiene Self-Assessment Framework Global Survey

As announced by Professor Pittet on 5 May 2015, the 2nd WHO Hand Hygiene Self-Assessment Framework Global Survey is launched on 1st June 2015. You can find the results of the first survey undertaken in 2011 at http://www.who.int/gpsc/5may/hhsa_framework/en/.

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