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EORNA supports our colleagues from Russia, Sweden, UK and other European counties affected by terrorism and barbarism

From St-Petersburg

Dear Colleagues in EORNA,

We are deeply touched by your attention and worries to our tragedy. You are absolutely right – we all are in St-Petersburg and the bombing happened very close to our office and at the metro station where our president lives. The tragic event and the acts of terror now travel all around the world and attacks happen everywhere.
Right now our hospitals are focused on preparations and strengthening their capacities, they need to be ready for anything, while all people hope it will never happen again.
We thank you so much for solidarity and share our best wishes of safety and health to you and all colleagues in Europe.

At the same time we follow all your work and this year made a very good sound on the European Perioperative Nurses Day – developed information and made several publications in our journal.
These articles are in Russian, but probably you will be able to add this to your report or presentation and share that Russian OR nurses do act in accordance with EORNA.
Additionally our OR nurses developed a campaign using the social media – different OR nurses shared their photos, thoughts, ideas, and memories on how and why they became OR nurses, based on these materials there was made a short movie – motivating to enter the OR practice and supporting practicing OR nurses.
Hope this will be helpful and let all the colleagues know that we are working

With warmest regards, Valentina, Natalia, Liudmila and Irina

Just to let you know that on a personal note I admire greatly all you have done and are doing to promote perioperative practice in Russia. It is indeed sad that we are living in such volatile times and I am sorry for your own local tragedies and indeed the many similar devastations that are almost a daily occurrence in our very small world. We are stronger by being together which you may think is ‘fresh’ coming from someone who lives in a country that has voted to exit Europe, but that is often the way that politics and history evolve. We may not have control in every situation that life throws at us, but we can certainly choose as perioperative European and international nurses to support each other and to stand; in the words of the Irish rugby team ‘shoulder to shoulder’ as we cope daily with the ebb, flow and challenges that our personal and professional lives encounter. I feel that we may be greatly challenged to do that in the future.
I wish you well,
Mona - UK