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2007 European OR Nurses Day in Cyprus

2007 European OR Nurses Day in Cyprus
With reference to the 15th of February, the CORNA organised a whole day of celebrations, with reference on the theme of the day.

Early at the mid morning the Board Members of the CORNA and OR nurses from other hospitals, visited the town of Larnaca, where we pay respect at the monument dedicated to nurses.
The wise major was the official speaker of the day with reference to the history of the monument.

The whole ceremony was covered by the TV and radio media. The president of the OR Association spoke to the media and some spots highlights of the day, projected in the media in the main news program.

During the afternoon and late on the night the official ceremony took place at the Hilton Park hotel in Nicosia. A great number of nurses were present. The theme of the day, the EORNA contribution and the Molnlycke award program were projected.

The whole ceremony finished with dinner, kindly offered to the nurses by Johnson & Johnson company, in Cyprus.

The atmosphere was fantastic as so many OR nurses from different hospitals found out the opportunity to meet together and celebrate a common issue.

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