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2008 European OR Nurses Day in Cyprus

2008 European OR Nurses Day in Cyprus
The board of directors of CORNA ( Cyprus operating room nurses association ) celebrated the European Perioperative Nurses Day with a memorial event and scientific social evening.

At 11am wreaths were placed at the only monument dedicated to a nurse, in the city of Larnaca. The Mayor, the Deputy Mayor of the city, the Head of Nursing Services and the President of CORNA all presented wreaths. During this event, statements were made by the president and secretary of CORNA to a nationwide television channel and telephone conversation took place at two ratio stations, regarding the perioperative nurse day. At the end of the event the Mayor offered the nurses who were present, lunch at a local restaurant.

A scientific evening followed at a hotel in the capital city sponsored by [PAPAETIS MEDICAL COMPANY]mail:mailto:papaetis@cytanet.com.cy and Johnson & Johnson Professional Export companies.

The evening included a speech, made by the president of CORNA Mr Andreas Xenofontos. Regarding the theme chosen by EORNA "Care of hands, keep them clean" speech made by the former president of CORNA Mr Philokypros Cristodoulou.

A fifteen minutes DVD was presented about hand washing and its importance in the operating rooms, folowed by presentations of some new products by the medical companies representatives.

1. Absorbable sutures (ETHICON)
2. Cidex OPA. High level disinfection
3. Prinio-skin closure system
4. Integuseal (Microbial sealant) - Kimberly Clark

There were approximately 120 nurses present from different public and private hospitals. After the closing ceremony the two companies offered a cocktail party at the hotel lobby.

Andreas Xenofontos