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2008 European OR Nurses Day in Sweden

The Perioperative Nurses Day was celebrated on Friday the 15th of February.
Different activities took place at the hospitals and at the district meetings through out the whole country. This report contains only a few examples.

In Falun, a city in the region of Dalarna the OR Nurses got together with the photographer at the hospital and produced a photo-poster of “OR Nurses at work”. They made visits to 12 different wards in the hospital (just before 15th Feb) exhibiting the “Photo-poster”, giving information about the profession and the education available to become an ORN, at the same time invitations were made to an “Open House” in the OR Dept on Friday 15th . There were a lot of nurses in the OR Dept the 15th with a lot of interests and questions about our work. The local radio station came and there were some “live” interviews with us.
Following this they have continued the campaign, marketing OR Nurses work with a brochure and a film.

One short (20 second) film has been made by pupils at the upper secondary school (Media programme) and the film is now showing at the cinemas and on the local TV. A film, 4 min. long for advertising the OR Nurse profession is in preparation. Every year some of the OR Nurses makes a presentation of their profession at an exhibition which takes place at “All Professions Day” in high school. 2007 “The Emergency-track” started in cooperation with the emergency dept, ICU and the universities in Dalarna, meaning the students in the nursing programme have two weeks of practice in some of the departments.

The arrangements at Karolinska university hospital in Huddinge consisted of an exhibition in the main entrance with posters from EORNA in a huge format and one poster made by Karolinska university hospital with the text “Operating Room Nurse – with a look for technique, logistic and drama”. Furthermore; ORN from the Orthopaedic OR unit showed a THR, the Ear- Nose- and throat OR unit had a nose operation, General Surgery had an abdominal operation, not real surgery of course, but with operating tables, mannequins with green sterile fields, instruments and so on. Visitors and nurses in the hospital came throughout the whole day, they were very interested, asked a lot of questions and they could also see and feel all the equipments. A power point presentation showed photos on a big screen of different OR depts and the personnel. There was also a laptop showing information about SEORNA.

Activities at the Karolinska university hospital in Solna consisted of a workshop and exhibition in the main entrance. Visitors were met with the poster “Operating Room Nurse – with a look for technique, logistic and drama” and they had the opportunity to practice their skills in stitching. Power point presentations showed OR Nurses at work. In accordance with the EORNA message “Clean hands” the visitors had the opportunity to disinfect their hands and view the level disinfection achieved in the magic box “Visirub- box”. Visitors were greatly interested, there were many questions and spirits were high.

Report by
Annica Sandelin