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Congratulations to all, this initiative was a great success. Many thanks to our Colleagues at ANSELL for co coordinating and supporting this event and recognizing the enormous value of the Perioperative nurse. ANSELL have been a loyal and committed partner in many EORNA activities and share many goals, safety, patient care, research and education.

I applaud all who promoted and partook in the success of this program. It was a great promotional opportunity for the role of the Perioperative nurse and a valuable occasion to be able to recognize some of our colleagues who have worked to the highest standard and given over and above to their role.

There were so many superb nominees and I am sure many more who did not receive a nomination on this occasion. The level of support for the nominees was excellent. Please go to ANSELL web site/face page to see all the results. The 5 receiving the most votes in the final round received the awards of recognition, plaque and 2,500 Euro donation (by ANSELL) to their chosen charity from the pre- set list.

All winners were from different countries in Europe. It is my great pleasure to inform you that one of our Board members, Sandra Morton, was one of the successful 5. Well done to Sandra, truly a well-deserved recognition and to all of the winners. Congratulations to all nominees and to other wonderful perioperative nurses everywhere.

A big depth of appreciation to all, especially to ANSELL, for their work, organization and support in this fantastic venture. We look forward to many more collaborations together.

Kind Regards
Caroline Higgins
EORNA President