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Czeck Jana Wichsová, EORNA board member, publishes "Sestra a perioperační péče"

Nurse and perioperative care

Autors: Jana Wichsová, Petr Přikryl, Renata Pokorná, Zuzana Bittnerová

Publications for nurses to focus on work in the operating room environment is engaged in operating rooms. The individual chapters are analyzed hygiene, organization of work in the operating theater, role perioperative nurses and the surgical team. Below are the main instruments and medical devices, pharmaceuticals and medical gases used in the operating department. Described is the preparation of the surgical team and operating room for surgery. One chapter deals with anesthesia and resuscitation. The publication contains a detailed description of perioperative care, principles of operation and operational security chapter on the ethics of perioperative care.

Key words: Nurse; perioperative; care