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EORNA ACE : European body for OR nurses accreditation for education

EORNA ACE- EORNA Accreditation Council for Education

EORNA ACE : European body for OR nurses accreditation for education
EORNA is the representative organisation for periOperating Room Nurses Associations in Europe. Its governing body is the EORNA Board in which the OR nurse associations in each member country have voting rights.

EORNA ACE. What is it?

The aim of the EORNA ACE is the harmonization and improvement of the quality of nrsing surgical care in Europe. In the field of continuing education and professional development, the EORNA ACE will serve this aim by improving quality of and accessibility to continuing nursing education and professional development for the nursing and healthcare professionals in Europe.
The practical instrument to improve the quality of continuing education and professional development in Europe will be the facilitation of transfer of credits obtained by individual professionals in educational activities that meet common quality requirements:
  • between European countries
  • between different professionals
  • in case of migration of a nursing and healthcare professional within Europe
  • between the European credit system and comparable systems outside Europe.

In order to make exchange of credits possible the ECMEC system was introduced, (equating one hour to one credit) to be used for the international awarding of continuing education and professional development credits. National systems may also use this unit or establish a fixed exchange rate with the ECMEC.

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