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EORNA Committees


Based on the past Vice President Marie Wenger’s paper, approved in the EORNA’s autumn meeting 1997, this is a proposal for a first draft of EORNA‘s Committees.
At the autumn meeting 2002, after the SWOT- analysis, all the board agreed that we should work in a new, more efficient way in order to get EORNA to go forward and be more visible than today.


The main issue is to be productive. At the last meeting the board agreed that we have to reorganize ourselves and change our ways of working. Also, the mutual opinion was that the work we do at the meetings is not enough. At the same time, the meetings do not allocate us enough time to work.
In spite of the new proposal from the President to allocate more meeting time for the work groups, we have to work also between the meetings, in order to ensure EORNA’s survival.

PROPOSAL: 4 Main Committees:
  • Educational committee or EC
  • Organisational committee or OrgC
  • Committee for Perioperative Nursing Care Issues or PNC
  • Scientific Task group or STG

Each Committee has a Chair person with competencies that serve the scope of the committee.
The chair persons should meet with the Officers prior to each EORNA meeting (day 1, according with the draft of “Format of the board meetings”). Each Committee may be organized in work groups.

Educational committee or EC

Work Groups:
  • Curriculum
  • Congress
  • Endorsement, other cooperation with industry regarding education programs
  • PCN – ENNO, other cooperation
  • Work exchanges program

Organisational committee or OrgC

Work groups
  • Constitution, other official EORNA documentation
  • Promotion, incl. Web – site and eNewsletter
  • Membership
  • Fundraising
If not active, at least a supervising role

Committee for Perioperative Nursing Care Issues or PNC

Work Groups
  • EORNA recommended practices : Hygiene - Patient Safety - Quality assurance
  • CEN
  • Future publications (based on ERP’s mostly)

Scientific Task group or STG

Work Groups
  • Foundation activity, Klinidrape and potential others
  • Congress
  • EORNA research : Defining the scope and aim. E. g. formation of European “database” of perioperative research
  • Coordination of potential EORNA presentations

Term of reference

All Committees should prepare a guideline, in a similar structure, with long term aims (12 months, according to SWOT).

Mission of the Committee
Composition of the Committee
  • Chair Person
  • Work groups
  • Medium term aims and objectives (6 months)
  • Responsible person
  • Secretarial person
  • Names and countries of the members

Selection of the committee members has to be done according to the EORNA’s board members’ competencies and areas of interest.

Duties of the Committee
  • preparing the guidelines for the committee
  • defining long and medium term aims and objectives to the committee and its Work Groups
  • defining the ways of working : frequency of meetings, collaboration and activities between the meetings.
  • presenting the objectives for the coming year at the Autumn meeting
  • reporting in writing to the Vice President and Coordinators within 4 weeks after each EORNA board meeting (the reports will be sent out with the Agenda, 6 weeks prior to the next meeting.

The following issues have to be defined by the EORNA board:
1) Rights of the Committees
- What can they decided?
- What shall they propose to the board meetings?
2) Financial support and autonomy

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