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EORNA Meetings

EORNA Board meetings (two days) are held twice a year in spring and autumn. These meetings are held in different venues around Europe, thus enabling all members of the group to share professional knowledge and national culture with colleagues. All officers meet a day before and a day after the main meeting to coordinate the business and responsibilities of each Officer. The official language of EORNA is English.

Past meetings

Year Seizon Host Association City Country EORNACongress
1995 Spring INO Dublin Ireland
1995 Autumn DBFK Hamburg Germany
1996 Spring FORNA Helsinki Finland
1996 Autumn Sigop-Sidops Geneva Switzerland
1997 Spring AFISO Brussels Belgium Brussels 1997
1997 Autumn
1998 Spring
1998 Autumn
1999 Spring
1999 Autumn Sigop-Sidops Geneva Switzerland
2000 Spring NNAORN Bergen Norway Bergen 2000
2000 Autumn VVOV Bruges Belgium
2001 Spring NATN Edinburg U.K.
2001 Autumn AESOP Porto Portugal
2002 Spring LVO Maastricht The Netherlands
2002 Autumn CORNA Dubrovnik Croatia
2003 Spring GORNA Heraklion Greece Heraklion 2003
2003 Autumn AICO Roma Italia
2004 Spring SORNA Uppsala Sweden
2004 Autumn AEEQ Madrid Spain
2005 Spring ICORNA Nicosia Cyprus
2005 Autumn ISORNA Reykjavik Iceland
2006 Spring INO Dublin Ireland Dublin 2006
2006 Autumn VVOV & AFISO Brussels Belgium
2007 Spring MMT Budapest Hungary
2007 Autumn LVO Brussels Belgium
2008 Spring Sigop-Sidops Geneva Switzerland
2008 Autumn IPNA Tel-Aviv Israel
2009 Spring FS SASMO Copenhague Denmark Copenhagen 2009
2009 Autumn CORNA Larnaca Cyprus
2010 Spring UNAIBODE Strasbourg France
2010 Autumn LVO Amsterdam The Netherlands
2011 Spring MMT Budapest Hungary
2011 Autumn FORNA Helsinki Finland
2012 Spring AESOP Lisbon Portugal Lisbon 2012
2012 Autumn CORNA Zagreb Croatia
2013 Spring CZORNA Prague Czeck Republic
2013 Autumn TCAHD Kusadasi Turkey
2014 Spring SEORNA Stockholm Sweden

Next meetings

Year Seizon Host Association City Country EORNACongress
2014 Autumn EstORNA Talinn Estonia
2015 Spring AICO Roma Italy Roma 2015