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EORNA President’s message

Dear Colleagues

It is a great pleasure and an honor to have this opportunity to send you this message.

First of all, I would like to congratulate the out-going president, Mrs. Caroline Higgins, for her dedication and commitment to the role during her tenure in the post. Caroline served EORNA for two terms and worked hard to promote EORNA and perioperative nursing.
On behalf of the Board of Directors of EORNA I wish her continued success and happiness in her future projects and look forward to her continued contribution to EORNA. Gratitude is also extended to the Irish association INMO, for their contribution and support during her six years in office.

I would like to welcome the new officers:
- Mrs. Jana Wichsova, the new vice president from Czech Republic,
- Mrs. Aina Hauge, the new secretary from Norway
- Mr. Manuel Valente the new treasurer from Portugal

A huge thank you also and my best wishes to:
- Mrs. Merja Fordell, from Finland, the immediate past vice president,
- Mrs. Ahuva Friedman and Mrs. Yael Edry, from Israel, who served for two terms as secretaries
- Mrs. Charmaine Betzema, from The Netherlands, immediate past treasurer

It is a great pleasure for me to work and serve EORNA with you and the new executive officers and to continue keeping contact with immediate past officers who will share with us their rich experience and knowledge.

Dear EORNA Board, Chairs and officers, we shall have much to do together.
Excellent work has already been done. Let us continue developing EORNA and collaborating with other organizations and Industry to enhance perioperative care and patient safety in Europe and beyond. Let us develop educational opportunities for members and share our experience and knowledge.

The EORNA Competency document was launched in Copenhagen, in 2009 and has had very positive feedback. In Rome, during the 7th EORNA Congress, was launched the new book “Position Statements and Guidelines for Perioperative Nursing Practice”, Part 1. I would like to thank all our colleagues who have worked hard to achieve that. We look forward to have the Part 2 of this book published.

As you know, EORNA organizes the European congress for perioperative nursing. From now on, EORNA Congress will be held every two years, instead of every three years. Thanks to your hard work and commitment, the seven past congresses have encountered great success and have contributed considerably to the development of perioperative care and patient safety. They have also greatly facilitated the rich exchange of experience and networking among attendees from over 40 countries.

The 8th EORNA Congress is now being prepared with a new highly motivated team. We wish them every success in their work. Please save the date and join us again in Greece next year, 4 – 7 May 2017. I encourage you to visit EORNA website were detailed information is available. http://eornacongress.eu/

Every 15th of February, we celebrate the European Perioperative Nurses Day. Each year a special theme for the day is chosen by the Board members and it is widely observed, through a variety of initiatives in each country by EORNA members.

EORNA is member of the International Federation of Perioperative Nurses (IFPN) and of the European Specialist Nurses Organizations (ESNO). EORNA developed also a collaborative partnership with some European and world organizations. This collaborative partnership is built on shared visions and goals as quality patient care, patient safety, healthy workplace… Board members receive the newsletter of each organization.

Dear Colleagues, dear friends, I look forward to working with all of you, officers, chairs and Board member in the best interest of your national associations you are representing. Let us have our voice being heard and continue together in our endeavors to develop and provide the best and more secure perioperative care to the patient.

May Karam
EORNA President.

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