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EORNA at a glance

EORNA Philosophy

EORNA at a glance
Individuals undergoing invasive surgical and/or anaesthetic procedures have a right to be cared for by appropriately qualified staff in a safe supportive environment whilst in peri-operative care.

Those qualified and experienced staff working within the multi-disciplinary team are expected to perform in a competent manner, displaying an awareness of current developments in research and knowledge relating to the operating department and peri-operative care.

A systematic approach to holistic care should maintain the identity and dignity of each individual patient without prejudice to health status, nationality, creed, religion or other beliefs.

The patient, the relatives and any significant others, are entitled to receive the necessary information and physical and emotional support needed to help them through the stages of perioperative care.

EORNA Academy

The name “EORNA Academy”, was proposed, voted on and approved by the EORNA board of directors on May 23rd, 2006 at the EORNA board meeting in Dublin Ireland.
The EORNA Academy is a common denominator of all the activates that EORNA supports financially to encourage research and development in perioperative patient care. All activities that include scholarship to EORNA members, awards or any other financial support by EORNA or are sponsored by EORNA industrial partners fall under the administration of the EORNA Academy.
Each activity can be established as individual project with its own name and include special agreements.

EORNA Board of Officers

The recognized Operating Room Nurses Association of each European country may nominate two members to the EORNA Board. Each National Association therefore holds membership of EORNA on behalf of its members.
The Board of Directors is led by the Officers of EORNA who themselves come from individual member associations. From the Board four officers: the President; the Vice President; the Secretary and Treasurer are elected. Officers serve a three year term, and cannot be re-elected within the forthcoming six years after finishing the term, apart from the President and Vice President who may be re-elected for one additional three year term.

EORNA Board meetings

EORNA Board meetings (two days) are held twice a year in spring and autumn. These meetings are held in different venues around Europe, thus enabling all members of the group to share professional knowledge and national culture with colleagues. All officers meet a day before and a day after the main meeting to coordinate the business and responsibilities of each Officer. The official language of EORNA is English.

EORNA Finances

The expenses of the Association are funded mainly through the annual subscriptions paid in April each year by each member country. Currently this is €450. EORNA has a written policy regarding areas from which sponsorship is acceptable. Attendance of two national representatives at the meeting is financed by the individual associations. The treasurer has the role of managing the finances of the Association and of producing annual audited accounts for the information of the members.