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EPND in Belgium

We celebrated this year the EU ORnursesday in Military Hospital with mobile OR in a tent like used on missions abroad, possibility to visit OR from hospital with simulation of tendon reconstruction from the knee, workshops : sutures, endoscopic training, osteosynthesis, smelevacuation during preparation of bonecement, special cleaning of enoscopic tubing and safety of good quality drapes.

Speaches in French and Flemish were given about the role of the ORnurse in OR and the explenation of the SSCL from WHO.

We provided in collaboration with the students from nursesschool ISEI a workshop for children (succes!)
Army, AFISO and VVOV, companies were happy with the event and we're thinking about to organise this again in future .We gave a pressrelease about the event: you can see it on p4 this week in www.belgamediasupport.be (where the media pick up their information before writing it in newspapers , magazines,... and our organisation had 1 hour attention on the radio (studio Brussel)

W're on the website from EU : www.eu4be.eu .

Other promotion was made to hospitals, ministry of public health, general organisation of nursingspecialists : AUVB,VVU: organisation of Flemisch nurses, VVOV and AFISOmembers ... supermarkets (poster),cultural centers.

A lot of students came to our event ; we made promotion in highschools and nursingschools .
It was a lot af preparation and collaboration between AFISO,Army and minister of Defension, companies and VVOV but the result made this all worth .We went home with a good feeling.

Kind regards, Maria Loureiro