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European Perioperative Nursing Day - 15th February 2013

European Perioperative Nursing Day - 15th February 2013
Dear Perioperative Nursing Colleagues

I write on behalf of myself and the Board of Directors to wish you all a happy European Perioperative Nursing day on February 15th 2013.

In 2013 the theme is “Perioperative Nursing- A Humane Profession”. The aim of European perioperative nursing is to encourage reflection, a time of focus on our profession and on the public we serve. It is once again to highlight our very valuable contribution to society. It is a time to celebrate our profession and share the work we do with others.
We encourage all membership to host a celebration and engage in activities and promotion to highlight the role and work of our profession.

The poster forwarded to all signifies our theme and ethos. It is important to distribute this to as many facilities as possible and to the core of perioperative nursing on the front line.

As we are all aware perioperative nursing is first and foremost a caring profession, we always promote patient centred care. In the perioperative setting it is most important to focus individually on each patient for their perioperative journey in the interest of best patient care, practice and safety. A patient undergoing surgery may face many challenges as well as the pending surgery, anxiety, fear, emotion and other psychological needs. Many of us face other challenges as workers in the perioperative setting particularly in these difficult economic times. The operating department can be a very busy and somewhat stressful environment by its very nature however it is still one of the most important aspects of our perioperative being to focus our care to each individual’s needs. A humane profession is that of compassion and caring. It may be the gentle touch, the acknowledging eye contact, it is the display of empathy to the individuals we serve. It is the art of being able to always prioritize the patient’s needs, despite the many other elements of distraction or demands around us.

It is also important to display humane qualities towards our fellow workers and professional colleagues. The more caring and compassionate we are to fellow colleagues the better our workplaces will be and less stressful. We all have a right to work in an environment that is conducive to delivery of high standard of care, freedom to be, safe and harmonious. We must provide a comfortable learning environment where we help each other to develop and learn, and where we cherish our students and junior staff also.

EORNA is delighted to promote the launch of the ‘EORNA KSM’ project in 2013. This will be available to managers to employ a structured introduction and development program for staff into the perioperative environment. We feel this programme has the possibility to allow a structured introduction/ development process for all staff in a more individualized and caring fashion. It also has the potential to ensure a more safe transition and quality of care to our patients when utilized appropriately.

Colleagues, as a humane profession we must continue to practice in a caring and compassionate way. We must recognize our value and promote the work we do to others. We should be proud of our contribution to patient care and society at large and ensure we adhere to the ethos of our theme at all times “Perioperative Nursing- a Humane Profession”.

Sometimes even the smallest act of kindness can make the biggest difference to a patient or a work colleague.

Yours sincerely

Caroline Higgins
EORNA President