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European Perioperative Nursing Day 2017

February 15th, 2017

Dear perioperative colleagues,

On behalf of The EORNA board of Directors we wish you very happy and proactive European Perioperative Nursing Day 2017.
The motto chosen is : Control surgical plume – Keep safe.

This year the theme of EPND is focused on the safety of all people present in operating theatres. The surgical plume represents a significant chemical and biological hazard. We encourage you to create and maintain a healthy environment for your patients and yourself during surgery. We all have the right to work in an environment that upholds quality and safety standards for both patients and staff. This is indeed also the mission of EORNA.

Yours sincerely

May Karam Jana Wichsova
EORNA President EORNA Vice-President

“Operating Room Nurses’ work environment due to surgical smoke”.

In September 2015 the Swedish Operating Room Nurses Association, SEORNA, published a recommendation of prevention of surgical smoke, which is written in the Swedish language. This recommendation can be assessed from www.rfop.se . During the work with the recommendation we, the Swedish “Quality Council”, has found a considerable amount of scientific and non-scientific articles about surgical smoke.

Surgical smoke is generated during surgeries when using rapid mechanical tools or heat-producing devices. What substances is it in the smoke? How small are the particles? Are the smoke dangerous for the patient and for the members of the surgical team? How long distance do the particles spread? How to prevent and protect ourselves from inhaling the smoke, get it in the eyes or on the skin? Some of the questions will be illuminated here. This is a review and updating of knowledge of surgical smoke, prevention and protection. Most likely, there are many more scientific articles written and to find, than those listed here.

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