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European Perioperative Nursing Day - Poster

European Perioperative Nursing Day - Poster
Dear Colleagues and EORNA members all over Europe,

I wish to invite you all joining in the second celebration of "The Perioperative Nurses Day" which is going to take place on15th February 2007.

EORNA: s Educational Committee proposes to you the followed theme for 2007 which is
“ There to Care ”.

“There to Care” means for us as Perioperative Nurses that we are the profession closely to the patient undergoing surgery, giving the best care and support the patient is in need, pre-, intra- and postoperatively.

In this theme, “There to Care”, we have to give focus on our profession in the way that we have to make our knowledge, skills, responsibility and visions even more visible.

We can do this mainly from clinical perioperative practice view but also from the perioperative researching point of view.

Let us together give visualisations, words, definitions to the care we contribute with as specialist Nurses we are in the Perioperative Nursing environment.

Best wishes Yours,
Irini Antoniadou
EORNA President