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February 15th, 2014 - European Perioperative nursing day : "Be Safe, Be Seen, Be Heard"

Dear Perioperative Nursing Colleagues

I write on behalf of myself and the Board of Directors to wish you all a happy European Perioperative Nursing day on February 15th 2014.

In 2014 the theme is ’Be Seen, Be Safe, Be Heard’. The aim of European perioperative Nursing Day is to encourage reflection, a time of focus on our profession and the service we offer to the public. It is also a valuable opportunity to highlight our very enormous contribution to society and the health care arena at large.
This year’s theme is to remind and encourage all to stand up for what is right for patients, colleagues and perioperative nursing. To be safe: in all our practices, care delivery and create a healthy work environment for all. Take every opportunity to promote our profession in a positive light. Share with others outside our speciality area the complexity and diversity of our roles. This theme is a very apt message to many who face challenges in the workplace particularly in this difficult economic, stay focused to the sentiment of the message.

We encourage all membership to host a celebration, engage in activities and promotion to highlight the role and work of our profession, which is often a bit of a mystery to some as our work life is spent behind the closed doors of the Operating Department
The poster forwarded to all signifies our theme and ethos. It is important to distribute this to as many facilities as possible and to the core of perioperative nursing on the front line.

As we are all aware perioperative nursing is first and foremost a caring profession, we always promote patient centred care. In the perioperative setting it is most important to focus individually on each patient for their perioperative journey in the interest of best patient care, practice and safety. As patient advocates we must have the courage to be seen and be heard when required.

Yours sincerely

Caroline Higgins
EORNA President

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