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February 15th, 2016 - European PeriOperative Nursing Day

Dear Colleagues,

Launched in 2006, the European Perioperative Nursing Day (EPND) is indeed an excellent opportunity for perioperative professionals to promote and make known our profession to other care givers and also to the general public.

This day will allow us to show how much we care about their security during their stay in operating theaters. Our Young colleagues can also see that a high level of technology does not prevent us from being human and concerned about the safety and welfare of patients undergoing surgery.

This year, the theme is “ United : perioperative team and patient safety”. In an operating theater we work as a team and not alone. In a surgical team, we communicate and have common goals. Teamwork is more than just working together, it is bringing out the best of everyone's strengths, to provide the best, the more secure perioperative patient care.

Perioperative team and patient safety are inextricably linked.

For 2016 EPND, I encourage you, all perioperative nurses, where ever you are, to remain in contact with the national associations and be creative to show how wonderful our profession is. After that, do not hesitate to use the resources that you have to promote perioperative nursing.

We look forward to hearing about your activities in each country, your events programme, and what you have to share with us.

Dear EORNA Board Colleagues, you are a great team and thanks to you the 2016 EPND will be a great day.

Yours sincerely
May Karam
EORNA President