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First European Perioperative Nursing Day in Iceland

First European Perioperative Nursing Day in Iceland
ISORNA celebrated the first European perioperative nursing day on February 15th 2006 by holding a symposium for perioperative nurses in Iceland and other interested colleagues.

The preparation for this first European perioperative nursing day started in the beginning of the year. The EORNA poster was translated into Icelandic and sent with the letter from the EORNA president, Irini Antoniadou, to all operating rooms in the country. Another letter with further information regarding the day was written and mailed to all members of ISORNA.
We also advertised the day in other ways. The University Hospital website published a column on the event and the largest newspaper published an interview with one of us about the day.
Each hospital had a free hand on how and what they wanted to focus on and emphasize regarding patient safety.

This symposium was a big success with participation of more than half of our members. The president of ISORNA, Fridrikka Gudmundsdottir, welcomed guests and the president of the Icelandic nurses association, Elsa Fridfinnsdottir, spoke about professional issues in relation to the role of the perioperative nurse.
The main focus of this seminar was on patients´ safety and safety issues in general. We had three speakers that all approached the subject from different angles and afterwards there was an open and lively discussion.
The symposium was broadcast simultaneously to our colleagues in Akureyri in the north of Iceland

The symposium ended with a dinner. Our members were very pleased with the day and the effort of EORNA to establish an European perioperative day.

Thorhalla Eggertsdóttir

Kristín Gunnarsdóttir