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First European Perioperative Nursing Day in Israel

First European Perioperative Nursing Day in Israel
The European Perioperative Nurse's Day, and the guidelines for celebrating the day was discussed at the IPNA Board meeting. The minutes of the meeting, and the guidelines were sent to all the OR in Israel. The poster was printed and was sent to all hospitals in Israel as well.
The day was celebrated in most of the Operating Rooms in the country, and the feedback was excellent, the nurses really felt good to have their own day. It was also an opportunity for our colleagues, the surgeons, and anesthesiologists to express their respect and appreciation for the OR nurses, which they did either by letter or flower.
In most OR the nurses celebrate by having a festive breakfast or brunch, or special stuff meeting. Most of the OR was opened to the hospital's nurses, arranging guided tours for them, and exposed the OR nursing care to them.
In some hospitals the nurse involved the patients as well. The patients received a note saying that the OR nurses are looking after him/her while sleeping. The nurse checks, monitors, watch, follow up and care for their wellbeing. In another hospital, the nurses donate money to the Israeli Variety Club Children’s Charity, and gave a "heart" pin to every patient.
In one hospital the administration arranged a recreation evening in a SPA resort for the OR nurses including a gala dinner.
Few days later IPNA had a conference which was part of the "Medicine Week" in Israel, the biggest exhibition for medical equipment in Israel. The topic of the conference was "patient's Safety". The first educational session was dedicated to EORNA, based on EORNA power-point presentation.

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