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First European Perioperative Nursing Day in Portugal

First European Perioperative Nursing Day in Portugal
The date of European perioperative nursing day was the evening of our National Congress.
So we decided to post pone the celebration and the day has been celebrated during the Congress.
We have made some EORNA Posters who have been exposed in the Main hall, in the exhibition area and near the secretariat.
Between the conferences we have a slide with the motive of EORNA perioperative day showed in the main conference room.

The EORNA perioperative nursing day has been advertised in our Journal and in the web site.

We sent a “press released” to all daily national journals and we try to have some presence on TV but it has been impossible regarding the Congress.
Next year we will be present on a TV programme regarding women.

It was not a very big celebration, but it has been a celebration.

Maria José