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First European Perioperative Nursing Day in Sweden

First European Perioperative Nursing Day in Sweden
The first Perioperative Nurses Day was advertised on our website and a letter written by Irini Antoniadou, president of EORNA and vice president of SEORNA, was published in our journal Uppdukat. Different kinds of activities took place at the hospitals in Sweden this day.

In the region of Vaermland the OR nurses held a regional meeting at the Central Hospital in the city of Karlstad. They talked about SEORNA, the Perioperative Nurses Day and also had a lecture about gastric bypass.

At the hospital in Oestersund the OR nurses celebrated the day with an exhibition in the main entrance of the hospital, showing the work of the OR nurses. The EORNA poster was also displayed and two local newspapers had articles about the Perioperative Nurses Day.

The Akademiska Hospital in Uppsala held a symposium. There was a presentation of EORNA and also about the quality system in the Central Operation Department and the perioperative way of working. Other lectures concerned protection from diathermia smoke, hygiene, cardiac surgery and preparations before surgery to avoid complications during surgery.

At the University Hospital in Lund, Dept of ENT, they had a meeting discussing how to implement the perioperative dialogue. The OR nurses also started to make plans for the Perioperative Nurses Day in 2007.
At the same hospital, Dept of OB/Gyne, there was a meeting about ethics and research, how to protect the patient when doctors want to take research samples without the patients informed consent, an issue that can be an ethical dilemma for OR Nurses.

Christina Etén Bergqvist, SEORNA

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