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Happy European Perioperative Nursing Day

Happy European Perioperative Nursing Day
Dear Perioperative Colleagues,

Firstly I wish you all a very happy and proactive Perioperative Nursing Day on February 15th 2012.

This year the theme is ‘Promoting a Positive Environment in the Operating Department’.

This years theme has wide scope and is a target that each individual can play a part. Everyone can make a difference and even the smallest effort can count.

Firstly we all have a right to work in a environment that upholds quality and safe standards for both patients and staff. It is of course always our aim and indeed the mission of EORNA to promote such care to all patients.
Where an environment is positive and proactive it has potential for staff retention and recruitment. Much has been done within the International Council of Nurses strategy to promote a positive practice environment. ( ref to ICN website)

Continuous Professional Development is key to advancement of knowledge and development in perioperative nursing. Perioperative Leaders should promote and encourage such strategies to enhance patient care and safety and also to develop staff. An environment that supports on going learning and education can see professional growth and advancement. A structured education and development approach has the potential to recognise the value of the individual and create a climate conducive to learning.

Constructive feedback is a powerful tool to aide the individual and is a mechanism for support and praise/ guidance on a regular basis. Positive feedback can enrich the staff member and enhance their sense of self worth within the organization.

The promotion of dignity, respect and inclusivity of all staff in the Operating department has the potential to enhance team work and create a positive work experience and safer environment for care delivery, staff development and welfare
Last years theme involved ‘Effective Communication’ -Communication is an essential component in effective team work, patient safety. One of the key issues in relation to communication in the perioperative setting is the effectiveness of the communication across the multidisciplinary fields that are involved in the care of a patient in surgery. Effective communication has the potential to greatly enhance a positive work environment and empower all in the safe delivery of care and their sense of involvement and job satisfaction.

There are so many aspects and opportunities in the Operating Department to improve and promote a positive environment. In areas of quality, patient care, safety, development, research, management, socialization and so on.

I encourage all to look to yourself to see how you can make a small improvement or difference. Look for opportunities to recognise and encourage colleagues. Create educational and learning openings. Involve all team members. Review the possibility of audits as a measure of deliverance and meet the challenges of change where necessary.
Ensure the patient is the central focus and you deliver the best possible nursing care to each individual as is our prime focus. Recognise the roles of each individual, say something positive to others each day. Take time to reflect each shift on your contribution and that of the team. Where things might have gone better seek to improve, where things have gone well, recognise that. So many times the negative experiences are highlighted, which is important for change however the positives experiences should also be highlighted.

I call on you all to mark this celebratory day and this years theme in Perioperative nursing, celebrate yourself and the role you play in society. Think of all your European fraternity on this day, many will celebrate in different ways, study days, poster campaigns, text messages, presentations, theatre open days, discussion forums, team enhancement strategies, press releases, media coverage are just some of the plans to date. You might think of something else, no matter how small it is, it is worth doing to recognise your profession and to recognise you.

Please display the official poster available from your National Association Web site or at www.eorna.eu.
Dear Colleagues, be proud of your perioperative role, as I am proud of you and to be your EORNA president.
On behalf of myself, your EORNA representatives and National Association officials we urge you to help promote this initiative today and throughout the year, every individual can make a difference, together we can make huge advances.

Please take a moment to send me (or your EORNA Representative) feedback on your initiatives for Perioperative Nursing Day that help’ Promote a Positive Environment in the Operating Department’. president@eorna.eu

A very positive and productive 2012 to you all

Kind regards

Caroline Higgins
EORNA President