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Scientific Task Group

The European Operating Room Nurses Association has established a Committee to be known as the Scientific Task Group (STG).

The purposes of the committee:

To encourage and support research and development in perioperative patient care by establishing an EORNA Foundation to promote professional perioperative nursing

These purposes will be accomplished through the following objectives:

  • To establish the EORNA Foundation
  • To promote scientific research
  • To encourage evidence based practice
  • To ensure transparency in links with Industry
  • To ensure promotion and development of Perioperative Nursing

Work processes of the committee:

The STG members work according to the EORNA action plan and aim to achieve the objectives by establishing links and collaboration with industry, European and international organisations to implement the EORNA Foundation including named foundations within.

The purpose achieved/in process:

The working procedure towards establishing an EORNA Foundation is on schedule. Implementation plan will be identified with outcome of the launch of the Foundation.
The aim is to finish this work by the end of 2006.

Members of the committee:

Name Association Country
Manuel Valente AESOP Portugal
Merja Fordell FORNA Finland
Sandra Monsalve A.E.E.Q. Spain
Lillian Knol LVO The Netherlands
Helga Hallgrimsdottir ISORNA Iceland
Ahuva Friedman IPNA Israel
Petra Ebbeke DBFK Germany
Yael Edry IPNA Israel

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