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Sweden - European Perioperative Nursing Day 2018 at Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge

We had an exhibition of an “Operating Room” with a mannekin with sterile draping, instruments on a Mayo.
The operating room nurse had a a Visirub Training Box that the visitors could see the results of their hand disinfection technique with fluorescence test and with UV light.
The nurse anesthetist have connected the mannekin to an anesthesia machine for ventilation.

A lot of interested visitors came and had a look at the exhibition and a small chat with us.

We had also a scientific programme about magnetic models in hospitals, ethics in nursing in the perioperative setting and hygiene in the operating room.

Nurses from anesthesia, operating room department and the postoperative unit were there to listen to gain the latest knowledge in these areas.

Annika Sandelin, EORNA rep. and Clinical educator - Karolinska University Hospital.
epnd_2018.pdf EPND 2018.pdf  (523.42 KB)